Lighten Dark Skin on Your Face with These Solutions

It is possible to lighten dark skin on your face. There are several natural methods to do so. In addition, you have available to you some chemical and medical procedures that can provide skin whitening remedies.

In the article below, many of these options are discussed. The information below is beneficial in that not only will it provide you with how dark skin develops, but you’ll learn valuable tips to help prevent the dark skin spots caused by hyperpigmentation scars.

Some tips below may be familiar, but I am confident that the information in some way will prove to be helpful to you in understanding how to lighten dark skin on your face and possibly prevent any further dark skin blotches from occurring…

Dark skin on your face, due to acne, can be more troublesome than the acne itself as it takes such a long time to go away. Dark skin caused by annoying red acne spots can be quite frustrating. In fact, according to studies, it can have a negative impact on the quality of life of people suffering from it, especially teens. But, with the help of natural home solutions, you can lighten the embarrassing dark skin on your face in a safe and gentle way. Before that we will first discuss what causes dark skin on the face?

What is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation?

Dark skin on your face or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is the increased skin pigmentation or skin darkening as a result of inflammatory process. It stimulates the production of melanocytes that lead to skin darkening.

What are the solutions for getting rid of dark skin on the face?

Dark acne spots are quite embarrassing and people resort to many treatment measures to get rid of them. However they do not know which method will work best for them and they haphazardly keep on trying many methods at a time, which do more damage to skin than good. Here, we will discuss all types of acne spots solutions that can be used to remove mild to stubborn dark spots on face.

Acne Solutions:

1. First step involves taking care of your skin with the help of home measures. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Eat vegetables and fruits as they help in lightening the skin. Healthy, balanced meals help in keeping the skin healthy and glowing and healing acne scars. Protect your skin with a sunscreen lotion before going out in the sun.

2. Next step is treating your dark acne spots with the help of organic extracts and natural home remedies. Use lime juice, potato slice, tomato juice, mint extract or yogurt-honey paste to lighten the hyperpigmented skin. These home solutions are natural bleaching agents and therefore are gentle to your skin and contain moisturizing properties. However, these natural remedies may require regular use and patience as they could take some time before visible results are seen.

3. In many stubborn acne spots, home remedies do not work and you have to try topical ointments that can help lighten dark skin. Retinoids and Hydroquinone are the skin lightening creams that inhibit the melanin production and lighten skin. Some over-the-counter topical creams that contain benzyl peroxide target the dirt particles and remove the main cause behind acne.

4. Salicylic acid peels, mandelic acid peels and TCA peels are effective in treating dark skin on the face. These chemical peels are done with the help of professionals only.

5. In case topical treatments do not work, laser methods and microdermabrasion may be considered for fading away those stubborn red acne spots. These methods are associated with few side-effects such as skin irritation and redness, which go away after some time.

The results of the above mentioned treatment solutions for lightening dark skin on the face vary from individual to individual depending upon your skin type and acne severity. These natural and conventional solutions are not only effective in fading away acne spots but also keeping your skin young and glowing.

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